9 Minutes Typing Test

Lets go! How fast are your fingers? Do the 9 minutes [540 seconds] typing test to find out! The timer will countdown once you start typing. Use the spacebar or comma to go to the next word...

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9 Minutes Typing Lessons

The 9 Minutes Typing Test is the perfect way to improve your typing skills in a short amount of time! With just nine minutes of practice per day, you'll see a noticeable improvement in your speed and accuracy. Take typing speed test, practice your touch typing skills, learn to type faster and with fewer errors with this free online typing tutor. It is web based, and highly effective. Online Typing Test is (and will always be) free for both individuals and schools. Welcome to 9 minutes typing test program to check your real typing speed and accuracy. Our 540 seconds typing speed test application was developed to provide free and most accurate typing test service to our visitors. We also have several typing test application to practice typing and check your typing skill. We believe accuracy is more important than speed. That's why we provide a complete result of your typing test skill. Stimulate your mind as you test your 9 min. typing speed with this standard English paragraph typing test. Watch your typing speed and accuracy increase as you learn about a variety of new topics!

How it works 9 minutes online typing speed test?

Just type as many words as you can in nine minutes. After the test ends you will receive your result as a WPM-value, which means words per minute (the amount of words you can type per minute). You can share your score with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or include your score in a forum. Your friends can then challenge you and try to beat your score.

Correct Words per minute (WPM) Calculations
Typing speed is calculated according to the most widely accepted method where a 'word' is assumed an average of 5 characters (spaces included) with every error (per minute) being a 1 WPM deduction. Nearly all other significant statistics are also reported, allowing for a more custom calculation as well. All performance calculations are also clearly explained making it easy to understand your results.
What is WPM typing test?
There are different types of testing. This one is a typing test, where the typing skills are expressed in words per minute. The more you practice typing and the more you test typing speed, the higher the WPM score will be. Some online typing tests and typing test games focus only on WPM typing. The disadvantage of WPM typing test is learning only how to type fast. WPM typing tests do not tell anything on accuracy.
What does WPM mean?
WPM means "Words per minute" and is based on this calculation: 5 keystrokes equal 1 WPM. It is a measure of the output speed on a keyboard. You can read this wiki.
What is a keystrokes?
Every key you hit on the keyboard to type a letter is one keystroke. The calculation also considers if you have to type uppercase letters or language specific letters who need 2 keystrokes to be typed (for example "A"). For example "speed" needs 5 keystrokes whereas "Europa" needs 6 keystrokes.
Why are there no difficult words in this test?
The words are selected from a list of commonly used words. Some typing speed tests use words with difficult spellings, but I think that's unfair. I want to measure typing speed, not reading skill! The lack of difficult words in this test also enables this site to be used as a typing game for kids.
What can I do to imporove my typing speed?
Take a deep breath, relax your fingers and take it slow. You need to be focused and not annoyed when attempting the typing speed test. The best thing you can do to start typing faster is to type more. The more practice you will get under your belt, the faster your typing-fu will be. It’s all about developing muscle memory. Just make sure you are reinforcing the good habits and not ones that will leave your fingers hurting after an intense typing session.